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The Personal Fiduciary Certificate is the gold standard for anybody acting in the capacity of a Personal Fiduciary such as Powers of Attorney, Executors and anybody else expected to act in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

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Protecting Seniors

Elder abuse can take various forms including financial mismanagement. It can be the result of both intentional and unintentional negligence.

Complete Tasks Efficiently

Learn the guidelines, practices, prudence and thought processes that will help you avoid administrative problems and conflicts with others.

Avoid Personal Litigation

Anybody acting in the role of a fiduciary can be sued personally by any number of stakeholders.

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The Personal Fiduciary Checklist will help you better understand any potential areas of concern and how you can mitigate your personal exposure when acting as a fiduciary. This checklist will highlight and help you understand often overlooked aspects of acting as a fiduciary.

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The Personal Fiduciary Certificate

A short yet comprehensive program covering ethics, ethical responsibilities, and the general duty of care required when acting in a position of trust of another.
It reviews the responsibilities and expectations of a power of attorney, executor / executrix and trustee, in the context of communication, fairness, protection of assets, distribution of assets, reporting and more.
The objective is a standardized international understanding of right from wrong.

About Being a Fiduciary

Many people feel being appointed as a fiduciary as an honour, as though their judgment is deemed by the grantor of the role as being superior to others.
This is sadly misguided in that the fiduciary must follow the directions specified by the grantor rather than their own views. The fiduciary must be diligent in protecting assets and executing their duties in a fair, honest and transparent manner.
The honour is to the grantor of the trust rather than the fiduciary and it is up that fiduciary, the recipient of that trust, to act with deservingly honourable conduct.

About the Course and Exam

The course is written in an easy to understand style. It’s comprised of six chapters and should take no more than 2 hours to complete including an online 20 multiple choice question exam. The passing grade is 70%.

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