About Us

Personal Fiduciary Standards International - PFSI

The PFSI was formed to create a standardized education program for the duty of care required by individuals acting as fiduciaries.
Fiduciaries are anyone acting in a position of trust in a financial capacity for the wellbeing of another, such as acting as power of attorney, a trustee, as an executor or executrix, or in other similar capacity.

The purpose of educating people in these roles is both to protect them from litigation and also to protect senior citizens around the world from elder financial abuse. The time has come to stand up for those unable to stand up for themselves.

Some Facts

People over the age of 60 subjected to abuse 15.7%

Source: World Health Organization

Average Number of New Estates, Per Minute: 115

Sources: United Nations – Worldometers

Rank of Executors in Testators’ Lives, for Trust and Influence: 1

Source: CICEA

New Needs for Powers of Attorney, Triggered by Dementia, Per Day: 27,397

Source: World Health Organization

Estimated Seniors Who Will Experience Abuse, Each Day: 332,620

Sources: World Health Organization – World Bank

Financial Exploitation as Portion of Total Elder Abuse: 31%

U.S. Dept of Justice